What is Bank Powder?

What Is Bank Powder?

Bank Powder is a spiritual tool that is used to usher in the vibration of wealth. We channel prosperity and abundance from the soil of financial institutions, mega churches, casinos, graveyards, crystals and herbs, then make this energy available to you within this tool. 

What's In Bank Powder?

Energy charged soil, ground herbs and ground crystals.

How Do You Use Bank Powder? Wherever used, Bank Powder paired with your intentions will raise the vibration of your environment, finances, business, relationships, protection and overall life! 

Bank Powder (Layered Jar)

The layered jar is more for aesthetics and can be considered spiritual home decor while still being just as powerful once activated to work on your behalf.

Bank Powder Shake (Premixed)

This is more so for functional usage. You can sprinkle the soil and leaves of your money trees and house plants, sprinkle under your door mats and kitchen mats, in mojo bags, to dress candles, to place as an offering on your altars, and whatever else you intuitively think of.

We have an edible/smokable blend that is a true hit within the Bank Powder family! We use it in our coffee, teas, smoothies, grits, fruit and plenty other foods that pair well with cinnamon.


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