Holy Roller Bank Powder ~ Candle Dressing

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Product Description

Use to dress your candles (or however else you are intuitevly led). Holy Roller has been charged with the energy of banks, mega churches + casinos and carries the energy of winning BIG!!! Give gratitude now and conjure the feeling of being on a winning streak at the casino or picking the winning lotto ticket!

Ingredients: dirt, prosperity herbs, shredded money, silver glitter

How To Activate:

  • Step 1: Set an intention and hold it in your mind’s eye or your heart.
  • Step 2: Hold the Bank Powder in your hand and allow your palm chakras to push energy and fuel the intention you are holding.
  • Step 3: Show gratitude.

Clearing + Charging:

Just like with any other spiritual tool, use discernment as to when you need to clear and recharge your Bank Powder (BP). A suggestion is once you've seen something come to fruition in your life that you used BP to fuel the manifestation, clear your BP and charge it with a new intention. You can clear by smudging with Palo Santo, washing with water, moon charging, etc...Sun charging is NOT recommended.

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