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Money of America Bank Powder Shake

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Product Description

Money of America Bank Powder Shake is sourced from the soil of banks and channels the energy of financial institutions, the digital money stream and Gaia herself!

Money of America brings forth prosperity and abundance in your life with the main intent of eradicating check to check living and poverty mindsets!

How To Activate:

  • Step 1: Set an intention and hold it in your mind’s eye or your heart
  • Step 2: Hold the Bank Powder in your hand and allow your palm chakras to push energy and fuel the intention you are holding
  • Step 3: Show gratitude

Clearing + Charging:

Just like with any other spiritual tool, use discernment as to when you need to clear and recharge your Bank Powder (BP). A suggestion is once you've seen something come to fruition in your life that you used BP to fuel the manifestation, clear your BP and charge it with a new intention. You can clear by smudging with Palo Santo, washing with water, moon charging, etc...Sun charging is NOT recommended.

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