Intention Candles

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Our intention candles come in a pack of 12, burn for a minimum of 7 hours and have been charged with Universal and Solar energy. They have been dressed to bring forth quick manifestations in the following areas:

Lucid Dreaming:

  • Mugwort: Lucid dreaming, astral travel
  • Blue Lotus: Aphrodesiac, lucid dreaming, flower of intention, muscle relaxer
  • Rosemary: Protection, cleansing, inducing deep sleep

Welcoming Wealth: 

  • Bay Leaves: Attract wealth, stress reliever, energetic cleanser
  • Cinnamon: Attract money, success, luck, prosperity, protection and amplifier
  • Cloves: Attract money, cleanse atmosphere, banish evil and protection

Divine Protection:

  • Mustard Seeds: Bring good luck and protect from evil
  • Cloves: Raise vibration of atmosphere, banish evil and protection
  • Cayenne Pepper: Banish, reverse non-benefecial energies, amplifier

Peaceful Home:

  • Orange Peel: Raise vibration of environment and auric body, promote happiness, renewal and safety
  • Roses: Highest vibration of all flowers, draw luck and protection

Lasting Love:

  • Roses: Highest vibration of all flowers, draw luck and protection
  • Pink Himalayan Salt: Promotes self-love, helps with finding your purpose and protection from evil

Mental Clarity:

  • Rosemary: Cleasning, purification, relieves stress, anxiety and enhances memory
  • Sage: Cleanses space of non-benefecial energies and relaxes senses
  • Lavender: Releases energy blocks, brings forth calming and peaceful energy 

Set your intentions and light them up!